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Kenny Slaught Encourages Visitors To Note Santa Barbara’s Architecture

Santa Barbara demonstrates how the architecture of that time was conceived. The design of buildings, and details depicting the relation each building had with the historical concept of those times, is noted in the Hispanic architecture. A roof design, for instance, has a colonial style seen in cities such as Cartagena, Mompox or San Juan in Puerto Rico. Santa Barbara has worked very hard to advance its commitment to keeping its history. New regulations were created to eliminate new constructions disrupting the harmony of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture. New buildings, especially in El Pueblo Viejo, must follow strict city guidelines to minimize a potential mismatch with the historic architecture. When in Santa Barbara, Kenny Slaught says visitors should concentrate on tremendous efforts that the city has made to contribute to the preservation of the unique architecture. This does not perform the American style built in the area as a result of the British presence in the area that considerably influenced the way how local architecture has emerged.  

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Kenny Slaught On Historical Events that Influenced Santa Barbara’s Spectacular Architecture

The Spanish Colonial Revival architecture was the United States architectural movement developed in the early 20th century. The movement took the Spanish Colonial architecture for designing some cities that were first Spanish colonies and then they became American cities. A major portion of this architectural style can be found in California. After an earthquake that… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught Discusses Popularity Of Fundraising Campaigns In Property Sector

Services offering numerous online collaborations and, equally as important, workflow automation are increasing in use, largely due to their ability to provide prompt access to accurate and manageable data and information. New intuitive software and mobile applications, says Kenny Slaught, give investors and builders a wider selection of lending and borrowing leads across a variety… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught Supports I Have A Friend Program

Kenny Slaught Supports I Have A Friend Program

Children who have been through loss can feel paralyzed and overwhelmed. Many children in this situation may act out and teens may engage in risky behaviors, such as alcohol, drugs, or self-mutilation. Kenny Slaught notes that the I Have a Friend program gives them an alternative outlet, giving them the ability to overcome their grief… Continue Reading

Taking a Closer look at UCSB Foundations

Taking a Closer look at UCSB Foundations

The University of California in Santa Barbara, or UCSB, is one of the 10 universities that make up the public university in California. It’s located, as the name states in Santa Barbara, approximately 100 miles of Los Angeles. It can be traced back until 1891, when it first opened its doors as the Anna Blake… Continue Reading