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Kenny Slaught on the Architectural Journey of Architect George Washington Smith

About a century ago, noteworthy architect George Washington Smith, initiated the California movement known as the Spanish Colonial revival. Smith was a man who dropped out of Harvard to later work as a bond trader. Once Smith became prosperous, he moved to Santa Barbara area to live a calm life and wanted to concentrate on his painting hobbies. But, he was surprised when he noticed that everyone admired the house he had made driving him to keep making impressive architectural buildings for other people in California. He only used real materials from Spain and integrated new and old world styles. Today, Smith’s works are very sought after and are well regarded for their essential beauty and cultured design. He is known as a founding father of Santa Barbara, as many generations of architects have been motivated  by his artistic technique. Kenny Slaught regards the robust attention to detail needed to design a structure of such artistic brilliance.

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Kenny Slaught Discusses Popularity Of Fundraising Campaigns In Property Sector

Services offering numerous online collaborations and, equally as important, workflow automation are increasing in use, largely due to their ability to provide prompt access to accurate and manageable data and information. New intuitive software and mobile applications, says Kenny Slaught, give investors and builders a wider selection of lending and borrowing leads across a variety… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught Supports I Have A Friend Program

Kenny Slaught Supports I Have A Friend Program

Children who have been through loss can feel paralyzed and overwhelmed. Many children in this situation may act out and teens may engage in risky behaviors, such as alcohol, drugs, or self-mutilation. Kenny Slaught notes that the I Have a Friend program gives them an alternative outlet, giving them the ability to overcome their grief… Continue Reading

Taking a Closer look at UCSB Foundations

Taking a Closer look at UCSB Foundations

The University of California in Santa Barbara, or UCSB, is one of the 10 universities that make up the public university in California. It’s located, as the name states in Santa Barbara, approximately 100 miles of Los Angeles. It can be traced back until 1891, when it first opened its doors as the Anna Blake… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught Uses Blog To Help With Fundraising

Passionate supporter of the Santa Barbara’s heritage and arts, Kenny Slaught recently showed his support for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art’s “The Image More” campaign by discussing it on his blog at Playing a critical role in the community, The Santa Barbara Museum of Art offers educational programs and connects residents and visitors… Continue Reading