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Kenny Slaught – Santa Barbara Is Favourable To The Growth Of Startups

Apart from being a popular destination for tourists, Santa Barbara now become a center for emerging businesses, believes Kenny Slaught. Lots of new companies formed in recently, and many of them, counting AppScale, LastLine, TrackR, and Salty Girl Seafood, come directly out of the University of California Santa Barbara. The Central Coast claims nearly twice the investment per capita in development than the greater Los Angeles area, which is a much bigger market, thanks to the more than $200 million created for beginner firms by private investors in the prior year. Silicon Valley or Hollywood attracts many entrepreneurs, but local ones acknowledge the advantage of building a company in an environment that enhances growth. So, this is one of the best regions in the country to launch and develop start-ups, by establishing special biotech, medical, technology, and scientific businesses like Inogen, Raytheon, Sonos, and BioIQ.

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