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Kenny Slaught Guides Firm Through Swaying Market

Kenny Slaught Guides Firm Through Swaying Market

Kenny Slaught, the founding principal and president of Investec Real Estate Companies, has boldly guided his investment, management, and development firm through several market cycles and attained great success. As a key player in the Southern California residential, commercial and industrial property scenes for more than thirty years, he has thrived through unexpected variance and outlived market trends. His wide-ranging experience and understanding of the acquisitions shaping the state he has called home since childhood have prompted Slaught to share his insights about the unique nuances of the California market; these distinctions include a keen eye for recognizing purchase opportunities and pitfalls, and astute knowledge of the myriad extraneous factors that affect the Golden State.

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Kenny Slaught Comments On Intuitive Software For Real Estate Development

New intuitive software and mobile applications give investors and builders a greater selection of lending and borrowing opportunities across a variety of real estate asset classes and geographies, says Kenny Slaught. California’s crowdfunding or peer-to-peer lending projects emerged because of the adoption of the Jumpstart Our Business Startup (JOBS) Act in 2012, which significantly widened… Continue Reading

Tech Advances Modernizing Real Estate Market, Says Kenny Slaught

As technological development has revolutionized America’s real estate industry, the property management sector has become more efficient and profitable. Platforms now offer numerous online collaborations and –most importantly –workflow automation, and become popular by providing prompt access to accurate and consolidated data and information flow. President and founder of Santa Barbara-based Investec Real Estate Companies… Continue Reading