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Kenny Slaught Supports HSB’s Anticipatory Grief Services Initiative

Hospice of Santa Barbara provides many services meant to help those who struggle with terminal illness as well as their family, says Kenny Slaught. The programs are free and mostly focused on children, as 20 percent of them lose a parent before turning 18, and one in 20 have a parent die before reaching adulthood. Hospice of Santa Barbara helps individuals facing these circumstances by proving them with support in order to mitigate depression, anxiety and PTSD.

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Kenny Slaught Furthers Advocacy For Hopice Of Santa Barbara

Property investor Kenny Slaught, who resides in California, shows his support to those who struggle. One of the projects he supports is Parenting After Loss, started by the Hospice of Santa Barbara. Slaught emphasizes the importance of offering social support to those who experienced a loss on his blog at Read more: Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught On Important Buildings In Santa Barbara’s Old City

The Spanish Colonial Revival architecture was first encountered in former Spanish colonization areas in the early 20th century. This style is often found in California, and arrived to Santa Barbara after the 1925 earthquake. It was founded by architect George Washington Smith, who came in Montecito and made it popular. El Pueblo Viejo’s architectural style… Continue Reading

Pieces Of Art Will Be Better Protected – Kenny Slaught

The project commended by Kenny Slaught works towards the fortification of the antiquated character of physical building while also providing for innovative upgrades. Furthermore, through fortifications like seismic upgrades, both the building and the tens of thousands of pieces of art inside will be better protected. The plan also creates 25 percent more gallery area… Continue Reading