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Kenny Slaught Supports HSB’s Anticipatory Grief Services Initiative

There are numerous beneficial services focusing on terminally ill patients and their families at Hospice of Santa Barbara. These are also designed for kids who recently lost a family member. Around 20 percent of them are faced with a family death before becoming of legal age, while one in 20 experience the loss of a parent before becoming an adult. To assist, the Hospice provides many free counseling programs which work with issues like depression, anxiety and PTSD.

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Kenny Slaught Aims To Help Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation Be Successful

The educational outreach programs offered at the Santa Barbara Bowl, an outdoor music venue, reach 20,000 students every year. Property investor Kenny Slaught, based in Santa Barbara, talked about these programs on his blog at Read more: Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught On Low Rates Inside California’s Hot Market

Due to inflation, the West Coat buyers are forced to pay increased prices for less modern homes. Kenny Slaught explains that prices have steadily been on the rise since 2008. The Standard & Poor’s Case-Shiller home price index shows that in April of this year, homes reached their highest price since October 2007. Southern California’s… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught – JOBS Act Boosting State Economy

Kenny Slaught says that new software allows builders and investors to locate more properties in numerous locations. The crowdfunding projects became popular in California after the Jumpstart Our Business Startup (JOBS) Act was established in 2012. he act changed the way real estate operations are done by enabling the solicitation of private funding from accredited… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught Supports I Have A Friend Program

After suffering a loss, many children feel anxious and depressed. This can lead them into destructive behaviors, says Kenny Slaught. A better alternative is the I Have a Friend program, which helps kids see the possibility of a happy future. The mentors work with open communication in order to promote healing and resilience in struggling… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught Furthers Advocacy For Hopice Of Santa Barbara

Property investor Kenny Slaught, who resides in California, shows his support to those who struggle. One of the projects he supports is Parenting After Loss, started by the Hospice of Santa Barbara. Slaught emphasizes the importance of offering social support to those who experienced a loss on his blog at Read more: Continue Reading