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Kenneth Slaught On Effect Of JOBS Act on California Real Estate

Kenneth Slaught, the owner of one of the most successful property management enterprises in Santa Barbara, notes that new intuitive software and mobile applications give investors and builders a greater selection of lending and borrowing opportunities across a variety of real estate asset classes and geographies. California’s modern crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending projects emerged after the adoption of the Jumpstart Our Business Startup (JOBS) Act in 2012, which significantly broadened the ways in which sponsors raise funds for both real estate acquisitions and development. The new regulation allows the previously banned practice of advertising or openly soliciting private funding from accredited investment individuals and firms. Anyone with a net worth of $1,000,000, not including ownership of their personal residences, or an individual with an annual income of $200,000 or a household with $300,000 per annum if filed jointly with a spouse, can become an accredited investor. The amendments give the green light to individual borrowers and lenders to take part in debt and equity financing, where loans generate income via interest, without an official financial institution intermingling as an intermediary. The online marketplace has formed a new avenue for property owners and financiers to peruse new investment offerings, perform due diligence, and have access dashboards to track how assets and financial products are performing.

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Kenny Slaught Appreciates Continued Success Of Hoover Dam

The revolutionary structure came to be during the American Great Depression between 1931 and 1936, costing the nation $49 million dollars, notes Kenny Slaught. The dam was initially dubbed Boulder Dam, but was later switched Hoover Dam in honor of the former President Herbert Hoover, who gave significant contributions to the construction of this wonderful… Continue Reading

Slaught Notes Rise In PTSD Treatment Options

“The professionals at Hospice of Santa Barbara strive to provide the highest level of service to clients by offering effective, cutting-edge therapies,” writes Kenny Slaught, offering praise to the organization. “Dealing with grief and loss is extremely difficult, but a new therapy has emerged to help individuals through difficult times.” People suffering from PTSD experience… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught Low To Engineer Selective Phage

David Low, a professor in UCSB’s Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, will immerse himself in an innovative global health and development research project titled “Strategy for development of enteric pathogen-specific phage”. His research will directly focus on a new way to deal with serious bacterial pathogens as they become resistant to many once-powerful… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught Notes Construction Delays Forcing Homeowners To Stay Put

Other elements influencing the current situation that are particularly Californian in nature are the result of a general scarcity of land in desirable locations. Undeveloped land prices are prohibitively high, especially around the Los Angeles and San Francisco metro areas. Kenny Slaught points to regular construction delays on new projects, which cause many owners to… Continue Reading

Architecture Part Of Santa Barbara’s Charm, Says Slaught

Kenny Slaught notes that Santa Barbara city planners recognized the natural charm of Southern California and developed legislation to preserve Spanish Colonial architecture as early as 1925, and the city became the first populace in the United States to consider preserving of historical buildings. The most common downtown destination for visiting tourists is the county… Continue Reading

Investec President and Founder, Kenny Slaught, Highlights Features of Santa Barbara’s Spanish Colonial Architecture

Investec Real Estate Companies Founder and President, Kenny Slaught, discusses the noticeable features of the Spanish Colonial architecture found throughout Santa Barbara. He highlights the intricately adorned archways and brightly colored tiles and suggests places where these characteristics can be found, such as the County Courthouse and historic downtown areas. Read More: Continue Reading