Kenny Slaught Believes In Rich History Of Santa Barbara Area

The Spanish Colonial Revival style was started by architect George Washington Smith almost a century ago. Smith dropped off of Harvard to become a bond trader, and later on relocated to Santa Barbara to pursue his hobbies. But, he was amazed at how much the locals liked the house he built and continued to design… Continue Reading

Information On How To Support The Campaign – Kenny Slaught

The building updates will last for 6 years, and the museum will stay open in the meanwhile. Kenny Slaught says the campaign’s main objectives are increasing community and gallery space, improving the museum experience for visitors, and focusing on what the building needs most. He also showed ways to support the project, such as donating… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught On The Importance Of Obtaining Skills In The Service And Hospitality Industry

Those who choose to work in the service and hospitality industry get the chance to become a successful  chef, manager, or hotel administrator, improve their skills and advance in their career. The SBCC offers a Culinary Arts and Hotel Management program that focuses on every aspect of the service industry. The learned skills can help people… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught On The Colonial Accents In Santa Barbara’s Architecture

Those who are interested in Hispanic architecture can learn more by visiting central Santa Barbara. The buildings showcase the architecture of that era. For example, some colonial style roofs are similar to the ones found in Cartagena, Mompox and San Juan in Puerto Rico. Santa Barbara made efforts to protect its original architecture by implementing… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught – JOBS Act Boosting State Economy

Kenny Slaught says that new software allows builders and investors to locate more properties in numerous locations. The crowdfunding projects became popular in California after the Jumpstart Our Business Startup (JOBS) Act was established in 2012. he act changed the way real estate operations are done by enabling the solicitation of private funding from accredited… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught Points To Many Counselling Services Provided At Local Hospice

Numerous families rely on the hospice for its counseling services, Kenny Slaught explains. These services are available at no cost and focus on the emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness of those who were faced with a death. The facility has other locations available to those who can’t visit the center. Research claims that grief therapy… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught Promotes Work Of Hospice Of Santa Barbara

Kenny Slaught, experienced real estate expert, is dedicated to helping those less fortunate in his city. He promoted the counseling services offered by Hospice of Santa Barbara on his blog at Slaught highlights the importance of feeling supported by your community if you experienced a loss.  Read more: Continue Reading