Museum Offers Exciting Opportunities for Global Travel


Each year, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art offers the community a range of different trips around the world to explore amazing pieces of art in the communities in which they were produced. The trips may expose individuals to forms of art as disparate as architecture and cultivated gardens. Travelers often engage with guides and receive guest lectures so that they get the most from their experience. These trips are open to any person who is a museum member.

Upcoming trips focus on key locations in Europe and Asia. In September, the museum is offering tours of the historic art centers located along the European coast. While many people think of cities like London, Paris, and Berlin as cultural capitals, the coastal cities of Copenhagen, Rouen, and more have countless architectural wonders and works of art.

Other upcoming European adventures include trips to Tuscany and the Greek Isles in the fall. Tuscany is known for its Renaissance art and architecture. While exploring incredible Etruscan fountains and ornate palazzos, travelers can also enjoy the fantastic cuisine and wine that have made the region famous. The Greek Isles trip, guided by Nigel McGilchrist, will focus on some of the lesser-known islands. Guests will be transported between destinations aboard the privately chartered Harmony V.

Individuals interested in exploring the art of Asia also have several exciting opportunities. In October, travelers can follow the Mekong River from Vietnam to Cambodia. The trip will allow travelers to become intimately familiar with the culture of Southeast Asia while exploring ancient temples and palaces. Much of the trip will focus on the distinct feel and style of each city visited.

In January 2016, a trip will be offered to South India. Museum officials are also planning a trip to Japan with dates to be announced. Interested individuals can learn more about these trips and other upcoming adventures on the Santa Barbara Museum of Art website,