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Organic Soup Kitchen: soup for everyone

Organic Soup Kitchen: soup for everyone

Every single person in this world needs to eat and eat healthy food. Unfortunately, some people are just not able to feed themselves due to financial situations, illnesses, age and many other reasons. It is sad, but true. This reality hits us around the world and it is very sad to see how in countries like Colombia even children die because they don’t eat enough or are not fed good, healthy meals.

Again, unfortunately these types of charity exist, but fortunately, and for people that struggle to eat every day, charities like this exist.

In Santa Barbara, California, as Kenny Slaught can tell you, there is a charity called Organic Soup Kitchen that aims at providing amazing soups for everyone, regardless social position, financial situation, gender or age. Organic soup kitchen believes that “no person regardless of financial status shall compromise the quality of food they feed themselves or their family”. They strongly believe that humanity can heal itself when offered a foundation of nutrition and compassion. Their mailing address is 315 Meigs Rd. Suite A #369 Santa Barbara, CA 93109; and the Kitchen address is 112 W. Cabrillo Blvd, Santa Barbara  CA 93101.

Let’s see how this amazing charity is working for everybody in the Santa Barbara Area.

The idea of the soup came from the fact that soup has been used as the best nutritional source for those in diminished or vulnerable states of health and is also considered the most complete single meal. They aim at having soups that are really easy to digest and that contain all the possible nutrients that any person needs. The nutrients they provide in each meal and in their Organic Soup Kitchen contain only nutrients that enhance and protect physical health, very important for people that are suffering from a disease that limits their physical ability. They also have meals that include pureed soups with a non-acidic base for cancer patients

They started operations in 2009, and it all came from the mind of Anthony Carroccio, Founder and current Executive Director. Anthony grew up in Rhode Island, where there was a strong sense of community and everyone cared for one another. His goal was to make everyone feel like they belong and to share food and things they had among their community. He had a strong passion for healthy food and general wellbeing so he committed himself to serve organic, healthy food to help prevent nutritional deficiencies in individuals in need. He used his 40 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and combined creative methods for providing nutrient packed food blended with sharp business skills to create this amazing sustainable model to help the people that are in need.

So, why soup? Why not other types of meals? Well, the explanation is simple: For centuries, soup has been used as the best nutritional source for those who have had health problems and need to have their nutrients as soon as possible. Since their soups only contain easy to digest ingredients and have all the nutrients that anybody needs, they are helping the community where they most need it, in their daily meals. Organic Soup Kitchen soups contain only nutrient that help and protect physical health, critical to those with compromised health conditions.

Image courtesy of melanie m at Flickr.com
Image courtesy of melanie m at Flickr.com

The recipes used by Organic Soup Kitchen are always aimed at having great taste and a big amount of nutrient value. The pureed low-acid options are formulated to nourish their cancer patients, seniors or anyone with issues regarding swallowing or digesting and are great for regenerating the body. Their soups are 90% organic, vegan, gluten free, GMO free, low sodium and low glycemic.  They only some of the best organic ingredients, as their name states it,  that provide the richest combination of protein, carbs, minerals and fats that are required to keep the body healthy. They also use a great deal of organic herbs and spices that provide a great deal of health benefits, including: anti-inflammation, balanced blood sugars, improved circulation as well as anti-oxidant properties

They are also committed to the local communities because they work closely with local farms and food vendors which gives them the opportunity to maximize the value of every dollar they receive. By doing the previous they can support the local farmers and their products, make the local economy a bit more dynamic and minimize their carbon-footprint while reaching out to the community.

So, in summary, we can say that they are “a non-profit organization providing wholesome food to members of their community that need it most”. They help the people by using the local economy to include the best local, organic products in the preparation of their soups.

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