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Three festivals in Santa Barbara that will make you love wine

Three festivals in Santa Barbara that will make you love wine

Santa Barbara is recognized not only for its beaches and its beautiful architecture. They also have a delicious cuisine that highlights the value of the wine. That´s why the whole community of this county meets several times a year to celebrate and exalt this drink.

California Wine Festival

Image courtesy of bunnicula at Flickr.com
Image courtesy of bunnicula at Flickr.com

For this festival, held from July 13 next year, the wine becomes the protagonist that will highlight all the other things that distinguishes Santa Barbara. People who attend can enjoy different flavors while walking along the beach and listen to music of the region.

This event that is celebrated every year, it´s organizing the fourteenth edition. Although it lasts only three days, it is a unique moment where you can take the opportunity to taste the best flavors and nuances that can offer the wine. In addition, you will lavish events where you can pair with meals made by carefully selected chefs. This is one of the largest outdoor festivals and will feature both big and small wineries plus a seminar for those who want to deepen on the subject.

The schedule starts on Thursday from six in the afternoon. This day you can spend an excellent evening recalling the Spanish roots of Santa Barbara. The event will be done at the center in the historic Adobe War, where traditional music will immerse you in an atmosphere of celebration and history. There will also be snacks being made by local restaurants, that will make you feel at home. All this with flamenco dancers, guitars and a latin atmosphere, created by the flavors of the wine on the palate.

After this night, it arrives the event on Friday, which will only fit 300 people. It will begin at 6.30pm with a glass of champagne and an invitation to taste the most exotic wines that are housed in different wineries brought from Sonoma, the high Sierras and the best of Santa Barbara. That night will be for the community to enjoy wines that are not distributed or can´t be bought, becoming a more valuable moment. This event will take place at Chase Palm Park, a place that  add a romantic touch to this festival because of its palm trees, fountains, and paths.

On Saturday, the last day, there will be a sample wines from over 60 wineries. All this accompanied by sun, sand, and sea at Cabrillo Blvd. Best regional breweries and local chefs will also be present. Starts at one pm and ends at four, after this, just wait to the next festival.


The Santa Barbara Vintners Spring Weekend

Image courtesy of unsplash.com at Pexels.com
Image courtesy of unsplash.com at Pexels.com

This event starts on 23 April next year. It is his 34th version, which ensures a lot of experience and organization. In 2017 they will have more than 100 vintners. Some of them are Aether Wines, Ferguson Crest, Demetria Estate, Palmina, and many others.

They will also be present bands like The Brambles and Donna Greene & The Roadhouse Daddies with live music. Beyond this, to accompany the wine, will be also restaurants like Bistro at Hadsten House and Starting gate, among others. There will also be catering companies, and gourmet food creators.

For wine lovers in Santa Barbara, this is a unique and unforgettable space. Not only it lasts four days but begins from 10 am to 9 pm most days. In addition, entrance tickets are all inclusive and with different prices. For general entries is 75 dollars per person, but if it is purchased at the door, it amounts to 85. With this ticket you can get in since one p.m. There are also an early entry, which costs 105 dollars and access is allowed from noon, or if not there is the Connoisseurs Club entry that costs 200 dollars but gives VIP privileges.

Celebration of Harvest

This festival was on October 7 and ended on Monday tenth of the same month. This event was full of activities that brought closer the Santa Barbara Community to the wine and their creators. The value of the ticket had a range from 80 to 200 dollars.

In the celebration of the Harvest, they celebrated with a meal in downtown Solvang Hotel Corque. There they tasted different wines brought by the guest and winery representatives. After that, on Saturday morning they started with a seminar of one hour and a half long in the same hotel. There were six winemakers from Santa Barbara that shared their experiences and advices. After this, all the participants were invited to go to enjoy The Celebration of Harvest Grand Tasting where there were over 100 Santa Barbara County wineries, and several restaurants and food purveys. Finally, on Sunday the wine cellars of different sides of Santa Barbara were open for visits, some of them were Timbre Winery at Central Coast Wine Services, Fiddlehead Cellars, Au Bon Climat & Qupe & Verdad Winery, among others. Monday was reserved for a private event.