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Nonprofit Kinect: helping charities do their job

Nonprofit Kinect: helping charities do their job

As a company are you a bit afraid of what is happening with your charity money? Do you know what to do with your fiduciary responsibility? Have you ever wondered if your fundraising activities are enough and if your company can support such fundraising? Nonprofits are very important for the community as we have seen in a previous post that many of them help people directly and with a lot of good energy. But, do they know about management and how to achieve good results using marketing and advertising?  It doesn’t matter what size your company is or what the goal of your charity is, Nonprofit Kinect helps these institutions reach their goals and operate with more efficiency and have better corporate practices so they can operate at a high level in each and every area within the organization.

Let’s take a look at their services in a business to business settings and how they are helping other organizations achieve their charity goals.

Kinect is focused on helping people who help others. It is more or less like the saying “ help me help you” because they place all their efforts on making nonprofits sustainable and efficient. Even though the help and the services that charities offer are very amazing, they do not know how to manage a company so it can last in time and there is where Kinect comes to play.

Their mission is to give amazing leadership tools and resources so charity leaders and members can reach very good decisions that make the company or organization grow and be more sustainable. To follow and achieve this mission statement they use the following values that go along on all their activities they carry out: Integrity, superior leadership, transparency creativity, innovation and ingenuity, bold strategic thinking, critical thinking, research, knowledge and continuous improvement.

Nonprofit Kinect uses three areas where they help organizations and companies:

  1. Board of directors involvement. Kinect looks to engage the board of directors towards the charity activities to ensure a well-informed board that can take the organization to a level of success.
  2. Skill acquirement: Kinect makes organizations strive for success by developing core skills, management activities, marketing and advertising strategies and systems that will take the organization to be more sustainable.
  3. Fundraising: Kinect helps organizations develop a plan that can reach financial goals and that can assure a very good engagement with the community.

Kinect has many services for their business to business portfolio in the three areas we just mentioned.

Board of directors involvement

  1. Assessment:  Kinect goes to each organization and analyses the members of the board, how it is shaped and how they work towards fundraising activities.
  2. Retreats: these activities are very good for mingling, planning, and team building.
  3. Planning: Kinect helps out by coordinating all the people involved in the process, shareholders and stakeholders, so they can develop a 3 to 5 years strategic plan.
  4. Training: training in governance, effective meetings, corporate responsibility and fundraising management.

Capacity Building

In this area, Kinect offers the following services to make the organization or charity sustainable and cost-effective:

  1. Assessment: Kinect evaluates core organizational policies, the managerial area, and the management practices so they can recommend activities and strategies to achieve a higher level of effectiveness.
  2. Risk Management: Kinect evaluates risk management for the organization so they can take more informed decisions.
  3. Training: training sessions are for key management staff so they can be part of the fundraising processes and to be sure that effective practices are being implemented.


Image courtesy of Howard Lake at Flickr.com

Kinect offers the following services for organizations raising money for any kind of social purpose.

  1. Assessment: here Kinect takes a look at the fundraising practices and gives the organization pointers on how to evaluate capacity for increases.
  2. Planning: Kinect helps out by designing a comprehensive fund development plan which can be included in the financial statements and that can assure the organization a ROI in a social way.
  3. Coaching: for the fund development team and to reach very good levels of social engagement so the organization can get to the highest level of fundraising possible.
  4. Public Relations: this is the most important one. Kinect assesses all the public relation efforts so the organization can gain high visibility within the community they serve and use social media in an effective way.

Kinect is very flexible with prices for organizations. First, they visit the organizations and give them a free consultation.  Then, the Kinect team recommends a course of action and calculates costs based on the organization’s budget, the size, and scope of the project.

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* Featured Image courtesy of Nonprofit Kinect at nonprofitkinect.org

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