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Great Opportunities At The Career Skills Institute Of SBCC

Great Opportunities At The Career Skills Institute Of SBCC

The community of Santa Barbara is a space that provides its citizens with many opportunities with career advancement and professional training in skills that are relevant in the real world. Here in my blog at KennySlaught.com we have mentioned before the many ways the community comes together and pushes forward programs that benefit all of those who call Santa Barbara, home. In this article, we will take a look at some great career opportunities and training programs offered by Santa Barbara City College especially designed for those who aren’t pursuing college credits but instead learning something new and completely free.

Computer Network Engineering

Network engineers work within a company take care of their computer network and providing employees with the best technological applications in connectivity and data management. As it happens with many jobs in communications technologies, career opportunities are great and growing in numbers every year. Santa Barbara City College has built a great reputation when it comes to training professionals who work in the area of network support, so know for sure that your valuable time will be wisely invested studying this promising and useful program.

Culinary Arts and Hotel Management

The service and hospitality industry is another field that offers great opportunities at competitive salaries and that gives graduates the chance to perfect their crafts and pursue their goals of becoming a great chef, manager or hotel administrator. The program is diverse and touches up on many different aspects of the service industry of all different sizes. Acquiring skills like these can help people find jobs not only locally, but project to relocate practically anywhere else in the world. Another interesting aspect of the program is the fact that it can prepare students to start their own businesses and fulfill their dream of becoming a business owner and working for themselves.

Environmental Horticulture

Nowadays, the relationship we have with our food and our environment has become strained and distant, and that is why these careers are becoming more relevant and also getting a higher demand than ever before. Everything from ecological restoration and management to environmental landscape design are skills that you will obtain in this amazing educational program. The applications of the skills learned in the program are invaluable and can help students become part of bigger projects and other companies, or start their own ventures in the way of contractors or organic farmers amongst many others.

Graphic Design / Photography

In the age of the Internet, there are few creative skills as popular and sought after as those that make up the community of graphic designers, photographers and digital content creators in general. At the Santa Barbara City College, you can learn all the necessary skills to enter the world where design and technology meet. No matter what your inclination is, the program can give you all the necessary basic tools to be able to work with a critical mindset and problem-solving abilities to become competitive in the digital design world and the beautiful discipline that is the art and science of photography.


Working in a library can be a very rewarding career opportunity for those who have great organizational skills and a never-ending desire for learning. Librarians can help patrons and researchers in the acquisitions, preparation and organization of information and general responsibility of every day library operations.

Image courtesy of Direct Relief at Flickr.com
Image courtesy of Direct Relief at Flickr.com


Other certificates

The Career Skills Institute also offers a number of courses that can grant students what they call “Digital Badges”. A digital badge is an avatar that can be shared in social networks to show that a particular skill has been learned using their innovative program. The short courses can take anywhere from 8 to 16 hours to complete and are available in a number of specialties that can go from the most basic computer, Internet and office software skills to more advanced certificates for those who want to learn the necessary skills to become a web designer or receive certificate in more specific software skills.

Online application is available and the process is rather short and painless. The classes are available to all those who are over the age of 18 and interested in learning new skills. The courses have a virtual component as well as class meetings in the campus where the skills learned can be applied in the resolution of related challenges.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional who wants to further enhance your resume, someone who is interested in learning new skills, pick up a new hobby or even someone who has never attended advanced education before, these courses are right for you and readily available here in our community.

For more information, check out the noncredit educational program’s website of SBCC and take advantage of all these great opportunities offered here in our community and made especially for all of us.