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5 Organizations in Santa Barbara that make life better for animals

5 Organizations in Santa Barbara that make life better for animals

Santa Barbara has become an amazing place to live. Not only for the beautiful landscapes, the gorgeous neighborhoods, and the farmer’s markets it has, but also the kindness of the people and the almost year round sunny weather that makes it possible for people to live a very healthy outdoor life that naturally comes with a very green, ecological, environment preservation and interest in animal welfare way of life.

Santa Barbara people have quite a different conscience since the disastrous oil spill occurred in January 1969, where more than 3,500 animals died including dolphins, sea lions, elephant seals and sea birds. Since that horrific episode that caused so many damages to the environment, the interest in animal welfare and preservation has taken a different path in Santa Barbara which is why throughout the past 3 or 4 decades many non-profit organizations have been especially created in order to make life better for animals who need help from those who really want to help them in terms of food, shelter, health and even love.

Here is the list of 5 of the most important non-profit organizations that, according to Kenny Slaught, standout and are really making a difference in the life of many animals that have experienced neglect, hunger, abuse and illness in their lives.

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K-9 Pals – K-9 Placement and Assistance League

This organization works primarily for providing care, finding homes and wellness for dogs that have been abandoned in shelters or on the streets, with the goal of giving every dog the opportunity of finding a new forever loving home. The organization works with volunteers and it doesn’t have any shelter or physical facility. The program they managed works completely with foster homes where the dogs will live until the organization finds a responsible family or person who wants to adopt them.

Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network – SBWCN

This organization is volunteer and non-profit. It works rescuing and rehabilitating birds, reptiles and different types of mammals that have been either orphaned, abandoned or injured in Santa Barbara. Their staff and organization has a license from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and also from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

They have a rescue helpline where they receive the information of the cases they are capable of attending. They also have a program in which they make presentations about wildlife rescue and welfare to groups, schools and any other center that is interested in learning and helping with what they do. Every year they save the lives of thousands of wild animals in Santa Barbara.

Dog Adoption & Welfare Group – DAWG

Reducing the rate of euthanasia and instead, strengthening the possibilities for shelter dogs to get a second life chance is this organization’s main goal. These second chance opportunities are basically given to these dogs by training them, offering them medical care and helping them become sociable again. There are no restrictions for breeds, sizes, genders or even disabilities these dogs may have. DAWG believes there is an opportunity for all of them. All dogs attended by the DAWG will be ready for adoption once the organization states they are healthy, well-behaved and friendly because of the quality life this organization has given them with their program. DAWG will bring the best out of every dog and find the perfect home that is willing to give them a great rest of their lives.

Santa Barbara Animal Rescue – SBAR

Image courtesy of DeaVanesium at Flickr.com
Image courtesy of DeaVanesium at Flickr.com

The Santa Barbara Animal Rescue organization, also called SBAR is a no-kill rescue center. This organization rescues and helps homeless cats and dogs that have been victims of abuse and neglect. They offer foster care, they take care of feral cat colonies and they offer education programs for the community so that people of all ages learn about the importance of caring about animals, especially those who need the most help. For more than 13 years, the Santa Barbara Animal Rescue organization has rescued over 250 dogs and 700 cats and the numbers keep growing with their great work.

Santa Barbara Humane Society

The Santa Barbara Humane Society dedicates all the efforts to finding homes and improving the life quality for many dogs and cats that have suffered somehow the pains and unfairness of the streets. They have a five-acre facility where they have a shelter, a clinic, with adoption services, a humane education program, spay and neuter services and a rescue program that altogether make this organization one of the leading non-profits of its kind. They also specialize in animal emergency preparation and response and additionally have a Lost and Found Hotline that will be very useful if someone finds a lost animal or if someone loses their own pet.