6 Ways to Support the Mission of Dream Foundation

6 Ways to Support the Mission of Dream Foundation


Since 1994, the Dream Foundation has assisted adults with terminal illnesses and their families by making their dreams a reality. The organization was created in response to a lack of wish-granting agencies working with adult populations. Over the years, the Dream Foundation has fulfilled more than 20,000 dreams on behalf of veterans and adults nearing the end of their lives. To complete its work, the organization largely relies on the generosity of the community, which has provided support through volunteer hours and financial gifts. Individuals who are interested in becoming involved with the Dream Foundation have a wide range of options for contributing to its important mission.

Donate to the Dream Foundation

happy familyDonations to the Dream Foundation help people to realize a wide range of dreams, from simply providing comfortable bedding or a television to building unforgettable memories with family members and other loved ones. Dream Foundation helps people to find comfort in their final days and to gain a greater sense of closure. Donations of any amount help the organization to continue operating its programs, such as sending flowers to patients with serious illnesses or gift packages to children and teens. People can also choose to adopt a dream and fund it entirely. If desired, these donors can receive details about the dream fulfillment and photos of the recipient. Individuals can read about the specific dreams that the foundation is currently attempting to grant at DreamFoundation.org.

People do not necessarily need to make monetary donations. Unused airline miles can help to ensure that family and friends are present at the end of their loved one’s life or send individuals on the trip of a lifetime. Dream Foundation has established partnerships with major airlines, making the contribution easy and seamless. The organization also accepts in-kind donations of products or services that help it to reach its goal of creating happy memories and meeting basic needs. Through Cars 4 Causes, individuals can also donate their vehicles to the organization.

Join the Dream Photography Network

Some of the most important members of the Dream Foundation family are members of the Dream Photography Network. These individuals work diligently to preserve memories and tell their stories through photos. Photographers do not need to live in Santa Barbara to participate. In fact, the organization looks for partners across the nation so that events can be documented regardless of the distance. Members of the network do more than document dream fulfillment. They also take family portraits, help celebrate people’s lives through photos, and capture the joy of family reunions.

Dream Foundation aims to keep photographers from all 50 states on call. While the organization strives to give individuals at least one week’s notice, shorter requests may arise from time to time. In general, photo shoots last between one and three hours. All volunteer photographers receive a Dream Photography Network badge for their websites after completing their first project.

Become a Member of the Dream Foundation

Dream Foundation members pledge their support to the important mission of the organization. The Dream Team is open to individuals willing to pledge at least $25. Membership includes regular email updates about dream fulfillment, invitations to members-only events, and special notifications of volunteer opportunities. People can join the Dream Makers Circle with a minimum annual donation of $1,000 or a gift of 100,000 airplane miles. People in this group receive detailed information about a dream that they helped to make happen and VIP invitations to all Dream Foundation events, such as the recent fundraising fashion show with Danielle Rocha.

Younger individuals can join the Dream Team Council, a national committee comprised of student leaders who wish to involve younger generations in the organization’s important work and raise awareness of the Dream Foundation. Members of this group lead Dream Team clubs at their schools and earn community service hours. In the past, these groups have engaged in everything from making bouquets to holding toy drives.

Volunteer Hours with the Dream Foundation

Several volunteer opportunities exist within the organization outside of the Dream Photography Network. At any given time, Dream Foundation has hundreds of volunteers who operate programs and go into local communities, ranging from schools to neighborhoods, in order to get people involved. Santa Barbara County volunteers can help with administrative duties, as well as archiving and scrapbooking. In addition, local volunteers can participate in specific programs such as Flower Empower or the Toy Program. However, opportunities for volunteers exist throughout the United States, especially if people want to spearhead a special event or fundraiser.

Leave a Legacy Through the Dream Endowment Fund

Through the Dream Endowment Fund, individuals can create a gift in another person’s name or add a provision in estate planning to continue supporting the organization into the future. Estate gifts help to ensure the continued financial viability of the Dream Foundation. Bequests, which can be made as a fixed-dollar amount or as a percentage, are exempt from estate tax. The organization can also work with individuals to make the Dream Foundation a beneficiary of insurance policies, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, and retirement pensions.

People who include the Dream Foundation in their estate plans and make a gift of $25,000 or more join the Legacy Dream Circle, which includes an invitation to an annual gratitude reception and the chance to honor a loved one through a contribution in his or her name or in your family’s name. In addition, members of the circle can participate in the delivery of a dream, if they desire. These individuals receive recognition in newsletters and on the annual report, as well as other printed materials.