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Kenny Slaught Notes Construction Delays Forcing Homeowners To Stay Put

Other elements influencing the current situation that are particularly Californian in nature are the result of a general scarcity of land in desirable locations. Undeveloped land prices are prohibitively high, especially around the Los Angeles and San Francisco metro areas. Kenny Slaught points to regular construction delays on new projects, which cause many owners to… Continue Reading

Architecture Part Of Santa Barbara’s Charm, Says Slaught

Kenny Slaught notes that Santa Barbara city planners recognized the natural charm of Southern California and developed legislation to preserve Spanish Colonial architecture as early as 1925, and the city became the first populace in the United States to consider preserving of historical buildings. The most common downtown destination for visiting tourists is the county… Continue Reading

Investec President and Founder, Kenny Slaught, Highlights Features of Santa Barbara’s Spanish Colonial Architecture

Investec Real Estate Companies Founder and President, Kenny Slaught, discusses the noticeable features of the Spanish Colonial architecture found throughout Santa Barbara. He highlights the intricately adorned archways and brightly colored tiles and suggests places where these characteristics can be found, such as the County Courthouse and historic downtown areas. Read More: Continue Reading

President of Investec Real Estate Companies, Kenny Slaught, Discusses Santa Barbara’s Architectural Integrity

Kenny Slaught, Investec Real Estate Companies president, discusses the Spanish charm of Santa Barbara and how the city has upheld its architectural integrity over the years. By designing guidelines and putting in place legal protection, the historic landmarks of the city are to be preserved for many years to come. Read More: Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught Discusses Benefits Of SBCC Education

Santa Barbara City College has a great reputation in regards to training professionals who work in the area of network support. Says Investec CEO Kenny Slaught, “your valuable time will be wisely invested studying this promising and useful program.” Network engineers serve within a company to handle the computer network and provide employees with the… Continue Reading