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Celebrate with the Santa Barbara Foundation

Celebrate with the Santa Barbara Foundation

The Santa Barbara Foundation one of the biggest in the county, has been working on helping the communities since 1928. It started out with a group of committed citizens and Max Fleischmann as the founder of the foundation. They wanted to help with several causes they thought were important to address as well as a way of making the community stronger. The foundation has been raising funds and awareness for several years and has partnered with several non-profit organizations in the community.

Santa Barbara vibes when it comes to helping, the community has several causes they get involved with, from education, health, food services, housing for the homeless, care for the environment, culture, art, as well as many others. As some citizens, would describe the county, it’s a small community with a big heart. The people with such giving heart, help in so many ways, they help organize, promote, give their time and positive attitude to others in need, and they help raise the funds needed to continue with these battles. The community, as well as the causes they help with, are what makes this foundation such a generous, dynamic and effective organization. The Santa Barbara Foundation has partnered with many non-profit organizations that give the community a better chance to have a great quality of life, as well as the same opportunities to succeed in making their dreams come true.  There are so many ways you can help and get involved with the community, here are some activities Kenny Slaught has listed that can help you get started.  

This year they are proud to celebrate, with a great event that will recognize the great causes promoted during 2016 as well as the great people who have given their time and money to be a part of these charities and causes.

This event has been honoring since 2008, the honorees are people who demonstrate their commitment to helping others with their time, ideas, creativity, giving attitude as well as with money. They have helped directly in a non-profit organization or with events held by charities. This year it will be held in the Santa Maria Country Club, on November 3rd, the event will start at 11:30 a.m. if you are interested in learning more you can  visit their site.  

Image courtesy of DieselDemon at Flickr.com
Image courtesy of DieselDemon at Flickr.com

Why should people be honored for giving?

This event like many others that honor and award people who take the time to think of helping others, who have ideas on how they can help out and who give their money to helping organizations that do good for others continue to work are people worth saying thank you to. Many communities benefit from their commitment, so it’s only fair that for one day, they are recognized for having a great heart! Many of the foundations that have received their help want to let them know how thankful they are for caring. This event is one of those examples where you can go, honor those who give and even start feeling motivated for becoming a yourself.

What makes a good ?

Being a is being conscious of others needs and of others misfortune. If it’s health issues, being homeless, needing food, simply not having your basic needs met, are those causes that people with a caring heart want to help. Being a is not only about giving money, it’s also about giving your time, going to shelters and spending time with the elderly, helping the food services foundations organize their food donations, having events that help raise awareness and speaking to all your friends and family about the causes where they can also help.

It’s more than just giving money, it’s having the commitment of doing for others, of being a helping hand, of being thankful for your blessings and wanting others to have the best they can.

Why should I be motivated to become a?

There are many reasons why you should start helping others, for one thing, you can get know exceptional people that also have a caring way of living. You can be part of making others happy and feeling like they have a place in the world, and that you were part of their cause. You can also have some economic benefits like tax reductions. So whatever your reason is, you can go to foundations like the Santa Barbara one that has many non-profit organizations that need a helping hand and start your baby steps.

This will be a great event, where many people will unite to celebrate the help give to multiple causes. Congratulations to all those who will be honored in the celebrate event, if you want to participate check your calendar and go to the Santa Barbara Foundation site and get your invitation and start making a difference