Activity In Santa Barbara You Can Be A Part Of

Activity In Santa Barbara You Can Be A Part Of


is a word that designates an inclination of human beings which is characterized by the manifestation of love and charity towards the human race, the neighbor and is materialized through a variety of actions aimed to foster the well-being and common good of people, never expecting to receive something in return for all the help that was given.

By the way, does not only consider supporting and helping selflessly those causes closest to us but there is also a desire of impacting beyond, the community and if possible all humanity. basically moves us to act in a constructive way and consider others and also to the planet.  

Santa Barbara, California, pays much attention to activity and is well-known because of it.  It is home to wealthy and famous people and also residents who are concerned with their community situation.  They support shelters, educational programs, environmental initiatives, among others.  People in the area support and understand activity, participating with their time, money and efforts.  The following are some examples of activities you can be a part of:  

Los Padres ForestWatch

LPFW was born from a group of advocates in a picnic table.  The idea became a non-profit dedicated to protecting and safeguarding public lands such as forests, chaparral, grasslands, rivers and wildlife with the foundational philosophy that lands are crucial to our planet’s health and that they contribute to providing beneficial spaces for communities in the search of outdoor recreation.  The headquarters of this local organization is in Santa Barbara and the work covers California’s central coast.  This organization is characterized for its effectiveness in its very actions to protect public lands, its efficacy in the management of a lean budget to accomplish work strategies such as restoration of damaged areas, monitoring their condition, consult s and raise awareness of people.  

If you want to know more about the Los Padres ForestWatch visit their website.  There you will find all things related to their mission, how to get involved by becoming a member or a volunteer, more details for attending some of their events, and stay informed about the issues the area is facing.  

Organic Soup Kitchen

When we hear “soup kitchen”, we immediately think about a nice place, providing good hearty food for people in need.  There is something even greater than this picture – The Organic Soup Kitchen in Santa Barbara.  This kitchen is dedicated to serving the community with healthy recipes that are prepared to feed cancer patients, seniors or other patients with degenerative diseases.  The premise is that organic, vegan, gluten free, nutritious, and low sodium soups are able to help people heal from their many sicknesses. The focus is to make a positive change through food regardless of their financial status.  

If you want to be a part of this innovative initiative visit their webpage to know more details about its programs, how to be a volunteer and the upcoming events.

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Heal the Ocean

The primary goal of Heal the Oceans is to end ocean pollution.  To make this a reality, funds are raised to invest in projects for cleaning water and raise awareness on how to protect and heal the ocean. For this reason, studies are carried out to identify sources of pollution.  Then clear and articulated plans are implemented to teach us how to act and think about the ocean.  The organization is truly passionate and committed about its endeavor and any person that gets involved with it can make a huge difference in the ocean that serves us all.

If you want to donate to the program, visit their website to learn more details.  The impact and contribution it makes is invaluable.  

Dons Net Cafe – Santa Barbara

The Dons Net Café’s mission statement is “to educate and empower both youth and community to create change that is both beneficial to society and to the environment while running a profitable social entrepreneurial business.” Their premise is that success is directly tied to hard work and involvement with community. And that is precisely what it does.

This nonprofit provides hands-on entrepreneurial education for students that ideally should have received in school or college. There is great level of professionalism in their products, and the way the students market them. This innovative program is an example of the kind of meaningful experiences students should have and the real life skills they need to develop, that helps them be prepared for the real world and gain experience on how to run a business.  

If you want to be a part of this amazing non-profit and if you want to know more about it, visit their website.

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