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Nonprofits In Santa Barbara You Never Knew Existed

Nonprofits In Santa Barbara You Never Knew Existed

Whether you are a newcomer to Santa Barbara, or you have been living here quite some time, here are some of the most terrific communities and nonprofits you can be a part of.  There are many ways you can get involved, whether you become a volunteer, donating some of your time to actually do things related to the organization’s mission.  Maybe you want to be more involved in the administrative area, or want to work part or full-time in a non-profit.  Perhaps you do not have so much time to spare but you have resources to help an organization’s cause.  Maybe you know someone that needs the help of these nonprofits.  Whatever the case, here are some suggestions of great causes that need to be known.


The mission of this nonprofit is straightforward: “create opportunities for Santa Barbara families to achieve stability.”  Since its beginnings CAC has grown greatly in order to extend the scope of its impact.  Today, several programs are offered and targeted to help different populations such as infants, teens, young adults and seniors, all of them making a great impact in society.   The programs address issues like child care (ages 0-5), job training, education and mentoring for teens and young adults, parent training and home improvements to make houses safer and more energy efficient.  There are also feeding programs ensuring the delivery of nutritious meals to children and seniors.  

The approach CAC takes for improving a child or a teen’s life is holistic, therefore providing support to the family as a crucial step.  The staff in every position demonstrates a high level of professionalism, efficiency and compassion in everything they do.   The help provided to families in need is invaluable; the ways to get involved are many.  If you want to donate or join the teams visit the website for more information.


The social club has one particular purpose: to help members and newcomers to Santa Barbara to meet new friends from all backgrounds and learn about the different social, cultural and civic activities this wonderful community has to offer.   There are great variety of activities offered monthly, weekly and even more frequently to suit different tastes and hobbies.  Among them, you can find parties and get- togethers, shared interest clubs and groups, city events dealing with arts, history, tourism, architecture, design among others.  There are outdoor activities as well, such as sailing, hiking, biking, golfing, kayaking and so much more.  

Since this is a not-for-profit community, the only thing that is required to join is to attend the orientation meeting to socialize and receive information about the activities that the club promotes and if you are up for it, pay a one-time $135 dollars membership fee.

If you are a newcomer in the area, visit the Santa Barbara Newcomers Club website to get more information about events and start enjoying with new friends.

Image courtesy of philippe leroyer at Flickr.com
Image courtesy of philippe leroyer at Flickr.com


This is a non-profit dedicated to helping children with special needs (autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, blindness, cancer and other physical and developmental challenges) to enjoy the thrill of sports through safe but adventurous and fun activities, with the supervision of dependable volunteers. These activities may include action sports like surfing, boarding, kayaking and others.  The foundation makes a difference in children’s lives by giving them experiences that build up their self-esteem and confidence, and of course, giving them a reason to smile.

If you know a child or a group of children that would love to participate, visit the website to know more about the upcoming events.  This organization exists thanks to the support of individuals who donate and volunteer.  You can be a part of this great initiative checking the website to learn more about how to get involved.


The remarkable yet uncommon mission of LifeChronicles is to “help families heal and connect by videotaping the life stories of an elder family member or a seriously ill loved one at no charge.”  This initiative was born out of the founder’s personal experience.  LifeChronicles desires to preserve through videotaping the memories and wisdom of dear individuals.  The families who request the services have the opportunity after their dear one passes to hear the person’s voice and laugh, keeping memories alive and bringing healing, comfort and strength.  The memories can be passed onto future generations.  

The process is simple.  An appointment is made where all the professional filming equipment is brought to film an easygoing guided interview.  Everything is set for the moment to be comfortable and emotionally rich.  There is respect, honor and confidentiality in all the process.  Finally, the DVD is edited and customized and delivered to the person who requested it.  

If you know somebody who might need the services of this wonderful ministry, visit the website to learn all the information.

If you want to know about more activities you can be a part of, read Kenny Slaught’s article.