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Kenny Slaught – Santa Barbara City College Has A Great Reputation When It Comes To Offering Network Support

By training professionals working in network support, Santa Barbara City College has retained the good name it has in the field.  Kenny Slaught believes the program is beneficial and worth the time invested. Engineers work within a company while also managing their computer network, and help employees with the best technological applications in connectivity and data… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught – Santa Barbara Is Favourable To The Growth Of Startups

Apart from being a popular destination for tourists, Santa Barbara now become a center for emerging businesses, believes Kenny Slaught. Lots of new companies formed in recently, and many of them, counting AppScale, LastLine, TrackR, and Salty Girl Seafood, come directly out of the University of California Santa Barbara. The Central Coast claims nearly twice… Continue Reading

Pieces Of Art Will Be Better Protected – Kenny Slaught

The project commended by Kenny Slaught works towards the fortification of the antiquated character of physical building while also providing for innovative upgrades. Furthermore, through fortifications like seismic upgrades, both the building and the tens of thousands of pieces of art inside will be better protected. The plan also creates 25 percent more gallery area… Continue Reading