Kenny Slaught On Architectural Trends In California

About 100 years ago, architect  George Washington Smith started the Spanish Colonial Revival style in California. Smith was a Harvard student but left to become a businessman. He relocated to Santa Barbara later on in order to retire. However, the house he built received so much acclaim that he went on to design for the city.… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught – Santa Barbara Is Conducive To The Growth Of Startups

In addition to attracting tourists, Santa Barbara is also attracting new companies, said Kenny Slaught. Many of the new firms established here came out of the University of California Santa Barbara, including AppScale, LastLine, TrackR, and Salty Girl Seafood. Private investors on the Central Coast generated over $200 million for their startups. This is twice… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught On the History of Hoover Dam

The structure was built between 1931 and 1936, during the Great Depression. It cost $49 million to build, and was first called Boulder Dam. Thanks to President Herbert Hoover’s financial support, it was renamed to Hoover Dam. It measures 221 meters in height and has a length of 379 meters, says Kenny Slaught. The dam… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught – California Architectural Traditions Stand Tall

Old Hotel Virginia, El Pueblo Viejo and the Old Mission’s pink towers are some popular Santa Barbara structures. The clock tower provides amazing city views, and the County Courthouse’s tiles are decorated with murals. The 1873 built Lobero theatre is still hosting performances, Kenny Slaught notes. The founder’s detailed city planning allowed for many such… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught Notes California’s Natural Charm

City planners wanted to keep the charm of the area intact, and implemented controls to stop the Spanish buildings from being destroyed. It was the first region in the nation to consider the preservation of architectural buildings, and rules were set to maintain these. The city established its historical building legal protection in 1960. Read… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught Furthers Advocacy For Hospice Of Santa Barbara

CEO of Investec Real Estate Companies Kenny Slaught encourages those who faced various life struggles. Slaught promotes the Hospice of Santa Barbara and its Parenting After Loss program on his blog at He continues to bring awareness to how important social support is for those who lost a family member. Read more: Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught Supports I Have A Friend Program

After suffering a loss, many children feel anxious and depressed. This can lead them into destructive behaviors, says Kenny Slaught. A better alternative is the I Have a Friend program, which helps kids see the possibility of a happy future. The mentors work with open communication in order to promote healing and resilience in struggling… Continue Reading